French Lace: Ht. 4'- 5'

Rounded, variegated green & yellow foliage, dark red flowers








 Java Red: Ht. 3'- 4'

Compact-mounding spreader, deep green-purple-red foliage, red buds that open to dark pink flowers









 Minuet: Ht. 24"- 30"

Compact-rounded, scarlet flowers that are slightly fragrant, flowers freely








Rainbow Sensation: Ht. 3'- 4'


Compact-rounded, green/yellow variegated foliage, pink flowers
















 Red Prince: Ht. 5'- 6'

Upright-arching, red flowers, 2nd bloom in late summer









 Rumba: Ht. 3'

Compact-rounded, dark red flowers, green-bronze-purple foliage