Alfredo: Ht. 5'- 6'

Compact-rounded, excellent red fall color, scarlet red fruit, white flowers









 American Cranberry Bush: Ht. 10'- 12'

Rounded dark green foliage that turns deep red in fall, white flowers, scarlet berries that last well into the winter









 Arrowwood: Ht. 10'-12'

Upright-rounded dense, red-purple fall color, edible blue-black berries, white flowers, excellent shrubs for wet soil, hedges, & mass plantings good for wildlife









 Blue Muffin: Ht. 5'- 7'

Rounded, yellow fall color, blue-black berries, white flowers, good for wildlife










 Emerald Triumph: Ht. 5'- 6'

Rounded, disease resistance, white flowers, deep purple fall color, red berries which turns black









 Mohican: Ht. 6'

Compact-globose, purple-bronze fall color, orange-red to black berries, creamy white flowers









Snowball: Ht. 10'-12'

Rounded, large double white flowers, bloom profusely in April-May.











 Wentworth: Ht. 10'- 12'

Upright, red fall color, edible large red berries which are excellent tasting and good for preserves, white flowers