Annabelle: Ht. 4'- 5'

Rounded, low growing, large white flowers










 Bella Anna: Ht. 3'

Rounded, re-blooms, large pink flowers, easy to grow









 Late Panicle: Ht. 6'- 8'

Rounded, showy white flowers, turning pink in mid-late August








 Lime Light: Ht. 6'- 8'

Upright-rounded, lime-green to cream color flowers, in fall blooms show shades of pink & burgundy, flowers on new wood








 Little Lamb: Ht. 4'- 6'

Compact-rounded, small panicles of white flowers, blooms on new wood, prefers moist well-drained soil








Little Lime: Ht. 3'- 5'

Upright rounded, soft lime-green flowers, mature to pinky and burgundy in fall











 Pee Gee: Ht. 8'

Upright-rounded, large showy double white conical flowers, flowers turn pink-bronze in fall









 Pink Diamond: Ht. 6'- 8'

Upright-rounded, cream color flowers that turn a rich shade of pink









Pinky Winky: 6'-8'

Rounded, large pink and white flowers










Twist-N-Shout: Ht. 3'- 5'

Upright rounded, flowers have lacy deep-pink centers surrounded by blossoms of pink and periwinkle blue, red-burgundy fall color









 Unique: Ht. 6'- 10'

Upright-rounded, flowers start out white and turn to a light shade of pink










 Vanilla Strawberry: Ht. 6'- 7'

Upright, enormous flowers are a blend of vanilla and strawberry, flowers emerge creamy white change to pink and finally strawberry red











White Diamond: Ht. 4'

Compact dense, glistening white panicles of flowers, fade to parchment and pink, heat and drought tolerance.