AZALEAS (Rhododendron)

 Aglo: Ht. 3'- 4'

Compact, pink flowers, light mahogany fall color











 Lemon Lights: Ht. 4'- 5'

Rounded, yellow flowers, maroon fall color, powdery mildew resistance








 Mandarin Lights: Ht. 4'- 5'

Upright-rounded, bright mandarin orange flowers, bronze fall color









Millenium: Ht. 4'-5'

Rounded, fragrant deep red flowers with pale orange flare











 Mollis: Ht. 4'- 5'

Rounded, orange-yellow-salmon flowers








 Northern Lights: Ht. 4'- 5'

Spreading, light to deep pink flowers









Orchid Lights: Ht. 2'-3'

Dwarf compact, soft lilac colored flowers.












 PJM: Ht. 4'- 5'

Rounded, mauve flowers, rich mahogany fall color








Purple Gem: Ht. 2'- 3'

Compact rounded, purple-violet flowers










 Rosy Lights: Ht. 4'- 5'

Spreading, dark rose-pink fragrant flowers