Autumn Blaze: Ht. 50'- 60'

Dense oval crown, orange-red fall color, rapid growth rate, drought tolerance, able to grow in most soils










Fall Fiesta Sugar: Ht. 50'- 75'

Upright rounded crown, excellent orange red yellow fall color, rapid grower, resistant to sun scald and frost cracks, prefers moist yet well drained soil










 Fire Fall: Ht. 40'-60'

Upright oval, bright orange to scarlet in fall, seedless 
















 Matador: Ht. 40'-45'

Upright oval, deep red to orange red fall color.
















Northwood Red: Ht. 50'

Rounded oval, bright orange-red fall color, prefers moist slightly acidic soils










Ruby Frost: Ht. 45'

Upright oval, ruby red fall color, excellent drought tolerance










Scarlet Jewell: Ht. 70'

Upright, deep crimson fall color, resistant to frost cracking, prefers moist soil











Sienna Glen: Ht. 60'

Pyramidal, burgundy red fall color, tolerant of wet soil conditions, great substitute for ash trees









Silver Cloud: Ht. 50'- 60'

Upright oval, yellow fall color, fast growing, extreme cold hardiness










Silver Queen: Ht. 50'

Upright oval, golden yellow fall color, fast growing