Adeliade Hoodless: Ht. 2'-3 1/2'

Deep pink, semi double flowers, recurrent bloomer, dark red buds, small orange hips.









 All the Rage: Ht. 2 1/2'- 4'

Tight coral buds swirl open to semi double apricot colored flowers with yellow centers, blooming steadily all season, blooms age to lipstick pink before dropping, disease-resistant foliage, ever-blooming. 







 Belle Poitevine: Ht. 4'- 5'

Has deep magenta-pink buds that open to semi double warm pink blooms that continue in fragrant waves until the arrival of frost, fall foliage color is yellow and orange and large orange-red hips, recurrent bloomer. 









Calypso: Ht. 2'

2.5" double apricot blend flowers will make you sail on a dream over a crystal clear ocean, recurrent bloomer.









 Carefree Beauty: Ht. 3 1/2'- 4'

This buck rose boast thick, olive green foliage that is naturally resistant to disease. From spring until fall, the leaves provide a back drop for lovely, ever-blooming double blooms of coral-pink that release a fresh apple fragrance. The addition of bright orange hips in autumn enhances the season.







 Como Park: Ht. 30"

Dark green foliage unfurls with a touch of red and stays clean all season long. Compact rounded form with be cover form top to bottom in medium red double blooms, recurrent bloomer. 










 Frau Dagmar Hartopp: Ht. 3'- 4'

Deep pink buds open to gorgeous silvery-pink blooms, heavy with fragrance, that glow with yellow stamens. Disease resistant foliage, rich green color, that present a spectacular bronze fall color and highlighted by gorgeous red hips, ever blooming. 






 High Voltage: Ht. 3'- 5'

Shockingly beautiful clusters of double yellow blooms are held high on sturdy canes. Super clean foliage complements the fragrant, recurrent bloomer. 








 Hope for Humanity: Ht. 2'- 4'

Deep wine red buds appear in small clusters of 4 or 5, then opens to fragrant double flowers of dark red that bloom continuously through summer starting in June. Good disease resistant on leaves. Rich green color makes a striking combo with flowers colors.







 Jens Munk: Ht. 4'- 6'

Double  medium pink, spicy fragrance, dense and disease resistance. Beautiful yellow and orange fall color with bright red hips, recurrent bloomers. 









Kashmir: Ht. 2.5'- 4'

Resembling a hybrid tea rose, velvety red blossoms are as soft as cashmere and opens to very full 3" dark red flowers that beg to be cut for vases, recurrent bloomer.









Music Box: Ht. 3'

This ever blooming rose with an exhibition of color, products double 2" blossoms with cream yellow centers surrounded by delicate pink blends. Foliage is resistant disease.










My Girl: Ht. 3'-4'

Full 2"-3" deep pink flowers in cluster of 5 to 30 offers tremendous flower affect like sunshine on a cloudy day, recurrent bloomer.















 Mystic Fairy: Ht. 3'- 4'

Irresistible ever-blooming  double blooms of rich red and pink undertones carpet the plant in massive clusters all summer long. New foliage is glossy red which slowly gives way to dark green mature leaves. Resistant to both blackspot and mildew. Produces no hips.






 Purple Pavement: Ht. 3'

Bright green foliage has excellent disease resistance, flowers are semi double mauve with bright yellow stamens, in fall flowers are replaced with dark red hips, recurrent bloomer. 








Snowdrift: 3'- 4'

Gorgeous very full 2" cup shape blossoms of creamy white with just a hint of apricot in the center, hardy and disease resistant.










 Snow Pavement: Ht. 2 1/2'- 3'

The fragrant blooms of this tough rose open from full pink buds to lovely semi double with flowers that retain a tinge of pink. Disease resistant foliage is dark green and provides a subtle backdrop for informal flowers. In fall, it is graced with large red hips, recurrent bloomer. 







 Sun-Rise Sun-Set: Ht. 2'- 3'

Is a stunning blend with semi double ever-blooming bright fuchsia-pink flowers, blending to apricot near centers. Blue-green foliage is disease resistance.









Superhero: Ht. 3'- 5'

This ever blooming rose has hybrid tea shape blossoms all seasons long clusters of perfect full 2"-3" red blossoms stand of strongly against clean medium to dark green satiny foliage which his disease resistance. 








 Winnipeg Park: Ht. 2'-3'

Cluster of deep pinkish-red buds open to double ever-blooming dark green cherry-pink blooms with a dark pink reverse, green foliage takes a reddish tinge in fall and bonus red hips. 






 William Baffin: Ht. 8'- 10'

Double deep pink blooms, recurrent bloomer, resistance to pests and disease. Orange hips in the fall. Vines are able to climb.