HIBISCUS (Rose Mallow)

Fireball: Ht. 4'

Gigantic flowers up to 12" wide are flaming red










Jazzberry: Ht. 4'-5'

Faboulous 9" deep magenta flowers with red eye, heavily ruffled











Midnight Marvel: Ht. 4'

Large 9" cranberry red flowers with deep wine purple foliage











Plum Crazy: Ht. 4'

Huge lavender-plum flowers with purple veining measuring up to 10" across









Summer Storm: Ht. 4-5'

Huge 8"-10" pink flowers and deep magenta eye, deep wine purple foliage








Tie Dye: Ht. 4'

Huge 8"-10" bicolor flowers are showy ruffled bright pink and white with a cherry red center.