VERONICA (Speedwell)

 Eveline: Ht. 24"- 36"

This forms a bushy, upright clump of shiny dark-green leaves, bearing upright wands of deep magenta-purple flowers for weeks on end, beginning in midsummer.









 Fairytale: Ht. 15"- 18"

It forms a compact and bushy mound of silvery-green foliage. Midsummer spikes of flowers are soft-pink with darker stamens, giving a sort of two-tone effect.










 Gilies Van Hees: Ht. 6"- 8"

This selection forms a low clump of bright-green leaves, loaded with upright spikes of clear rose-pink flowers for many weeks during the summer. An easy and carefree plant.








 Icicles: Ht. 15"

This selection forms a bushy clump of dark-green leaves, bearing upright spikes of white flowers through the summer months. Removing faded spikes will keep plants in flower for much longer. Excellent for cutting. 










Red Fox: Ht. 15"

Spikes of rosy-red flowers, very free flowering











 Royal Candles: Ht. 15"

It forms a low bushy mound of dark green leaves, bearing short spikes of bright blue flowers in early summer for several weeks. Versatile in the garden, at home as an edging plant, in the rock garden or in tubs and containers. Shear lightly after blooming to encourage fresh foliage, and possible repeat flowering in the fall.