SEDUM, SHORTER (Stonecrop)

Angelina: Ht. 3"-5"

Bright golden-yellow needle-like leaves turn reddish-orange in fall











Blue Spruce: Ht. 5"-7"

Chalky blue needle like foliage, clusters of small yellow flowers









 Ellacombinum: Ht. 8"

Interesting fleshy leaves, perfect for rock gardens or dry areas. Clusters of lemon-yellow flowers, attractive green foliage.








 Fulda Glow: Ht. 4"

Interesting fleshy leaves, perfect for rock gardens or dry areas. Bronze-red foliage, rose-red flowers.









 Kamtschaticum: Ht. 4"- 6"

The creeping selections of Stonecrop are excellent ground cover plants, particularly for hot, dry sites with poor soil. This species forms a low carpet of small, scalloped green leaves, spreading to form a thick patch. Clusters of bright yellow star flowers appear in summer. A fast grower, this is best kept away from slower alpine plants that it might smother. Good choice for tubs and mixed containers.








 Sieboldii: Ht. 8"

This Japanese selection forms a low, cascading mound of succulent grey-green leaves, with a narrow red pencil-line edging. Clusters of soft-pink flowers appear in late summer, attracting bees and butterflies. Ideal for edging, rock gardens, containers or walls.






 Voo Doo: Ht: 6"

This tough perennial forms a spreading mat of deep-red succulent leaves. Clusters of tiny rose-pink flowers appear during summer. Great for massing as a drought-tolerant lawn substitute, also nice between flagstones or as an edging. Able to withstand poor, dry soil conditions and will fill in relatively quickly.