POLEMONIUM (Jacob's Ladder)

 Heavenly Habit: Ht. 12"

This selection of Jacob's Ladder is a terrific choice for edging in the border, or using in rock gardens or containers. It forms a low, bushy mound of ferny green leaves, bearing loads of violet-blue, starry flowers, each with a white eye. Blooms appear over a long season.  







 Stairway to Heaven: Ht. 12"- 18"

Simply the best variegated Jacob’s Ladder ever introduced. This forms a low mound of medium-green ferny leaves, each leaflet strongly edged in creamy white and flushed with pink during cooler spring weather. Clusters of lightly fragrant violet-blue bells rise taller in mid to late spring. New fresh leaves continue to appear all season, keeping this variety looking good from spring through late fall. Ideal for edging a shady border or growing beside a woodland path.