OENOTHERA (Evening Primrose)

Missouriensis: Ht. 10"

This sun-loving plant produces large yellow, crepe-textured flowers all summer long, resembling poppies in appearance. Flowers are followed by unusual winged seed pods Especially suited to hot, dry sites with well-drained soil. A good choice for the rock garden or as edging. Drought tolerant once established. Tolerates summer heat and humidity.





Siskiyou: Ht. 8"- 10"

This is a vigorous, spreading plant that will form a low patch of small, spotted, olive-green leaves. Large satiny deep-pink flowers appear from early summer into the fall, seeming to rest right on top of the leaves. Excellent choice for hot, dry slopes, this is a little too aggressive for the rock garden or border: place carefully. Also nice in containers. Use as a groundcover to take advantage of its spreading nature. Drought tolerant, once established.