Black Out: Ht. 48"

Very dark red almost black flowers










Cancun: Ht. 36"

Magenta-red flowers with sunflower yellow center









Dot Com: Ht. 42"

Icy pink flowers speckled with burgundy spots and dark burgundy centers. 








Double Sensation: Ht. 24"

Unique bicolor double rosy red flowers with showy white center.










Elodie: Ht. 48"

Double pink flowers with burgundy spots








Fata Morgana: Ht. 38"

The bright yellow color of these blooms will shine like the sun among your other garden plants. Not only does the lack of pollen from the Fata Morgana is a Double Asiatic Lily make it cleaner in fresh cut arrangements,









Landini: Ht. 42"

Asiatic Lilies are easy, dependable perennials that put on a great show in the early summer border. This tall selection features large, upfacing flowers of deep midnight red, almost approaching black. Stems are excellent for cutting. Lilies are a good choice for tubs or mixed containers.









Orange Art: Ht. 48"

Bright orange flowers speckled with burgundy spots and dark burgundy centers.











Sphinx: Ht. 38"

Double deep rich red flowers with white streaking in centers. 








Tiger Play: Ht. 48"

Bright yellow flowers with burgundy speckles and black centers










Toronto: Ht. 48"

Rosy-pink flowers with lightly spotted yellow center.










Vermeer: Ht. 38"

Vermeer is splendid. Long, gorgeous buds are numerous, and open into 3- to 6-inch blossoms of a radiant pink with white centers and darker petal tips. Blooms open in July, are outfacing, delicately fragrant, and great for cutting. Plant them in full sun or partial shade. They also grow well in planters.