ALLIUM (Ornamental Chives)

Glaucum: Ht. 6"- 8"

Perfect for the sunny rock garden, for edging, or in tubs and alpine troughs. Plants form a low clump of greyish-green grassy foliage, arranged in a sweeping spiral effect. Short stems of bright pink globe-shaped flower heads appear in late summer. Drought tolerant once established. Very easy, and always invites attention. Attractive to butterflies.







Edible: Ht. 10"- 12"

One of the classic French herbs, the leaves are harvested anytime in the season, popular for cooking or as a garnish. Pretty mauve flowers appear in late spring, which are also edible in salads. This plant does double duty in the perennial or herb garden, or in containers. Flowers are excellent for cutting, fresh or dried. Great for edging. Chives are inclined to seed themselves around.






Summer Beauty: Ht. 18"-20"

Lavender-blue flowers, glossy dark-green foliage