GRASSES (Ornamental)

Indian Warrior: Ht. 5'-6'

Clumping, upright, green foliage that transitions to red them smoky purple, deep purple flowers














 Karl Foerster: Ht. 4'-5'

This grass performs well in a wide range of climates, remains attractive for months on end, and is not invasive in any way. Clumps are strongly upright, with dark green leaves. Soft feathery green plumes appear in summer, maturing into stiff wheat-coloured spikes, which last into winter. May be used in large groupings towards the back of a border, but also very effective when used more as a single specimen. Hardy enough to survive in containers or tubs in most regions.




  Elijah Blue: Ht. 10"

Valued for their clumping habit, and display of colorful, grassy foliage. This is considered to be one of the best blue selections, retaining its color all season. Tan spikes appear in early summer. Excellent for mass planting, edging, or in the rock garden. 





Sapphire: Ht. 24"

Selected for its especially blue foliage and improved resistance to rust in humid regions. Plants form a well-behaved clump of bright silvery-blue leaves, with taller arching stems of flowers appearing in early summer. Non-spreading in habit, this will remain evergreen in mild winter regions. Requires good drainage, especially in warm summer regions. 





Purpurascens Autumn Red: Ht. 4'-5'

One of the most useful of the taller grasses, valued for its flower and foliage effect. Plants form an upright clump of dark-green leaves, turning flame-orange and bronze in the autumn, particularly in warm regions. Tall spikes of very soft-pink flowers develop into silvery plumes that stay effective all winter long. Appreciates moist soil.




Silver Feather: Ht. 6'-7'

Also known as Japanese Silver Grass, there are many selections now available, all providing a wonderful fall display of showy plumes, and remaining attractive all winter. This variety has large silvery-white flowers over an arching mound of dark green leaves. The foliage dries and turns a light tan shade for the winter. Useful as a specimen, in the border, or for mass planting.




Skyracer: Ht. 7'-8'

Wonderful 2'-3' gray-green basal leafs with towering 7'-8' stiff upright stems with delicate open panicles of yellow plumes.








Dewey Blue: Ht. 3'-5'

Clump, glaucous blue foliage, blue tinged flowers