Alexander Hay: Ht. 27"

Large 6" light orange flowers with plum red eye, rebloom












Always Afternoon: Ht. 22"

Five inch mauve blossoms nicely show off its dark plum eye and green throat.  Award winning. Re-bloomer.













Big Smile: Ht. 24"

Blush pink ruffled edges with creamy yellow-orange blend center and green throat. Late Season Bloom, Dormant, Diploid, Fragrant.








Bela Lugosi: Ht. 33"

Large 6" true purple flowers with lime green throat











Blackthorne: Ht. 26"

Five inch very light creamy yellows flowers with wine purple eye, reblooms












Bright Sunset: Ht. 36"

Large 6" burnt coppery orange flowers with golden orange band, very fragrant, extended bloom








Calico Jack: Ht. 24"

Lovely yellow petals are highlighted by a ruf ed plum edge and a plum eyezone. This award-winning variety winters quite well, making it a superb selection for northern climate zones. A prolic bloomer, you can expect up to 25 buds per stem! Excellent for naturalizing, back borders, and container gardens, and versatile enough to thrive in sun or partial shade. Loved by butter ies and hummingbirds, but rabbits avoid it.




Canadian Border Patrol: Ht. 30"

They form dense clumps of grassy foliage, with upright stems of trumpet flowers. This selection features large creamy-yellow flowers with a deep purple edge and eye. Early / Midseason. Repeat bloomer.  









Cherry Candy: Ht. 30"

Light golden orange flowers with a prominent cherry red eye, extended bloomer










Country Melody: Ht. 30"

Nice rounded blooms have rich rosy pink petals and slightly lighter rose sepals. A soft yellow halo surrounds a small green throat. Fragrant.







Custard Candy: Ht. 24"

Showy flowers, vigorous growth and carefree. Creamy yellow with maroon band and darker yellow edging on the petals make a striking combination in landscapes, container plantings, or naturalized areas. Bears 4-5" blooms for a month or more in early to midsummer, then repeats through late summer.






Daring Deception: Ht. 24"

Dusky cream-pink with dark purple eye and green throat, rebloomer.










Double Night Embers: Ht. 30"

This selection features large (5 inch) double flowers of deep burgundy red, with a yellow hairline edging. Early/Midseason. Tetraploid. Semi-evergreen.








Dragon's Eye: Ht. 24"

Pale rose pink with a prominent intense rose-red eye, rebloomer










Elegant Candy: Ht. 25"

 4" fragrant medium pink flowers with red eye and green throat, frequent rebloomer.









Elizabeth Salter: Ht. 26"

A gorgeous blend of melon and pink. A very refined bloom with lots of ruffles and a small golden throat. But its real claim to fame is its gorgeous "melt-in-your-mouth" color. Winner of the Stout Medal - daylily's highest award.








Entrapment: Ht. 26"

Super bloomer with 32 flowers per stem when mature. Large 6" blue-purple flowers with a yellow throat and wonderful ruffling. Excellent re-bloomer.  Destined to be one of the best!










Exotic Candy: Ht. 26"

Highly fragrant, light pink flowers with prominent dark rose eye and bright green throat, rebloomer









Face of the Stars: Ht. 27"

Large bright red-violet flowers with prominent dark rose eye and heavy ruffled white edges, reblooms










Fourty Second Street: Ht. 24"

Large 5" unique double coral pink flowers with rose red eye, Re-bloomer.









Forsyth Myra Dolores: Ht. 26"

Large 5" fragrant sweet cantaloupe flowers with raspberry eye, rebloomer












Fragrant Returns: Ht. 18"

Same as Happy Returns with a strong sweet fragrance.  Everblooming.  3¼" light lemon yellow, very fragrant flowers, lightly ruffled.









Frosted Vintage Ruffles: Ht. 24"

Flowers are extremely fragrant 4 1/2" creamy yellow flower with a pink blush and darker pink edges, super bloomer and repeat bloomer










Funny Valentine: Ht. 25"

Saturated rose red with green throat. Early to Mid Season bloom, Dormant, Tetraploid. 










Gorden Biggs: Ht. 24"

Raspberry red with bright red eyezone and green throat. Early Season bloom, Semi-Evergreen, Diploid, Extended bloom. 









Happy Returns: Ht. 18"

This dwarf variety has medium-sized (3 inch) blooms in a lovely soft-yellow shade that blends with anything. Flowering continues constantly from May to frost. Diploid. Winter dormant.









Huckleberry Candy: Ht. 20"

Sweetly fragrant creamy peach to buff flowers with prominent red-purple eye, blue-purple watermark and fluorescent green throat, reblooms.











Hush Little Baby: Ht. 22"

Romantic rose-pink flowers with lighter pink eye and midribs and yellow green throat, rebloomer











Inwood: Ht. 25"

Huge very pale peachy yellow almost cream flowers with plum purple eye and edges and yellow green throat, rebloomer










Janice Brown: Ht. 21"

This selection features large (5 inch) soft-pink flowers with a rose throat and green eye. Early/midseason. Repeat blooming. Diploid. Winter dormant.









Jersey Girl: Ht. 28"

Large 6" fragrant diamond dusted rose pink flowers with yellow watermark, rebloomer











Jolyene Nicole: Ht. 14"

Large 6" pink flowers with golden yellow eye, extended bloom









Just Plum Happy: Ht. 20"

Ruffled mauve pink flowers, have a prominent plum purple eye and matching picotee edge, rebloomers











Lavender Star Dust: Ht. 26"

Clear diamond dusted lavender-pink flowers with light pink midribs, bright yellow halo and soft green throat, reblooms.








Little Grapette: Ht. 12"

They form dense clumps of grassy foliage, with upright stems of trumpet flowers. This selection features miniature, light grape-purple flowers with a green throat. Early.









Majestic Move: Ht. 28"

Very large 6" gold dusted bright yellow flowers, rebloomer










Mardi Gras Parade: Ht. 25"

Bright rose-lavender tepals with large wine-purple eye, mauve-rose watermark, and chartreuse throat









Night Beacon: Ht. 27"

 They form dense clumps of grassy foliage, with upright stems of trumpet flowers. This selection features deep wine-red flowers with a yellow throat. Early/Midseason. Repeat flowers.









Omomuki: Ht. 26"

Fragrant clear citron yellow flowers with bright green throat, reblooms.










Pandora's Box: Ht. 24"

Pandora’s Box Daylily opens with a distinctive colour combination of rich creamy petals and a striking violet-purple eye above a bright green throat. Will rebloom later in the season.









Pink Abundance: Ht. 26"

Diamond dusted pure rose pink flowers with sunny yellow water mark, reblooms.











Pumpkin Festival: Ht. 20"

Large 5" fragrant peachy orange flowers with wine purple eye.












Purple D'Oro: Ht. 18"

They form dense clumps of grassy foliage, with upright stems of trumpet flowers. This long-flowering selection features medium-purple blooms with lighter midribs and edging, and a yellow throat. Midseason. Repeat blooming. Diploid. Winter dormant.







Rocket City: Ht. 36"

Bittersweet orange with burnt orange eye.










Royal Braid: Ht. 25"

Large 5" sweetly fragrant, fruity peachy mauve flowers with grape purple eye, reblooms.








Ruby Sentinel: Ht. 36"

Ruby red self with emerald green throat. Mid to Late Season bloom, Dormant, Tetraploid, Fragrant, Nocturnal, Extended bloom.  Carry loads of fragrant, rich ruby red flowers with matching red stamens and a brilliant emerald green throat. The broad, rounded petals are nicely ruffled and somewhat recurved. This is a nocturnal, extended bloom variety, so the flowers open in late afternoon and then remain open for at least 16 hours.  





Ruby Stella: Ht. 18"

Deep ruby red version of Stella D'Oro - the most popular daylily of all time! Ruby Stella goes beyond reblooming - it is actually everblooming from June until frost. Drought resistant, attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, fragrant.






Ruffled Apricot: Ht. 28"

7" lightly ruffled, deep glowing apricot blossoms that have creamy pink midribs and are highlighted by an intense golden throat. Fragrant.








Shaka Zulu: Ht. 28"

Large 6" deep reddish purple flowers with lemon eye throat, reblooms












Siloam David Kirchoff: Ht. 16"

3.5" orchid peach flowers with light purple watermark, fragrant, extended bloom.









Siloam Double Classic: Ht. 30"

This selection features large (5 inch) very soft peach-pink flowers with ruffled double petals. Early/midseason. Fragrant. Diploid. Winter dormant.








Siloam Grace Stamile: Ht. 14"

Red 3" flowers with green throat, fragrant, extended bloom.















Soft Summer Night: Ht. 23"

Elegant fragrant baby pink blossom with a rose pink eye, reblooms.










South Seas: Ht. 23"

Tangerine coral with red coral band above yellow green throat. Mid Season Rebloomer, Dormant, Tetraploid, Fragrant.  Coral-tangerine tepals with a reddish-coral band and yellow throat; very distinctive coloring. Smooth, rounded petals with beautifully ruffled edges and multiple branching with 30-35 buds .






Spellbinder: Ht. 34"

Exceptionally vigorous Hemerocallis, the Spellbinder Reblooming Daylily gives your garden style and color on the hottest summer days. Large, 6 1/2", fragrant rich golden-orange blooms are spellbinding as the name suggests.
Established plants produce 50 or more blooms. Grow in any well-drained soil, withstand drought, and are insect and disease resistant. Blooms early to midsummer and reblooms later in the season.





Spritual Corridor: Ht. 25"

Fragrant, 6" flowers bloom from early to midsummer, with a second round of blooms in late summer. Large lavender-pink petals show off ruffled golden edges that are complemented by a chartreuse throat and creamy yellow eye. Plant in full sun to partial shade.






Stella D'oro: Ht. 12"

 Forms a dense clump of grassy green foliage, with upright stems of fragrant, golden-yellow trumpet flowers. Early. Repeat bloomer. Compact habit. Excellent for massing, edging, borders or in mixed containers and tubs.






Stella Supreme: Ht. 18"

Semi-evergreen. Light creamy yellow blooms with good rebloom.









Stephanie Returns: Ht. 16"-18"

Light peachy pink flowers with purple eye and radiant yellow throat, reblooms










Strawberry Candy: Ht. 26"

This selection features large (4 inch) coral-pink flowers with a strawberry-red eye. Midseason. Repeat blooming. Tetraploid. Semi-evergreen.  








Summer Blush: Ht. 29"

Sweetly fragrant pale yellow flowers, with a muted rose eye











Sunday Glove: Ht. 27"

Highly fragrant near-white flowers with a pale yellow eye and tiny celery-green throat, reblooms.











Super Honor: Ht. 24"

Strongly fragrant ruffled dusky purple flowers, and lemon-lime throat with a faint dark purple band, extended bloom.











Vanilla Fluff: Ht. 34"

Light yellow to ivory self. Mid to Late Season Rebloomer, Semievergreen, Diploid, Fragrant, Double. Large, ruffled, lightly creped peony form, fragrant, double plus lots of blooms.








Velvet Thunder: Ht 28"

This cultivator produces very deep velvety red blossoms with a narrow cream wire edge half way up the petals.  The petals are nicely ruffled and glimmer with diamond dusting.  The nearly florescent green throat glows from the center of the dark colored flowers.  Well-branched scapes carry lots of fragrant blossoms in midsummer.  Since it is both nocturnal and an extended bloomer, 






Water Dragon: Ht. 27"

Large burgundy flowers with white halo and creamy eye reblooms.















Wedding Band: Ht. 26"

Creamy white blooms with a delicate yellow blush in the center and a matching yellow edge. Winner of the Stout Medal - daylily's highest award. Fragrant.








Wineberry Candy: Ht. 22"

Very fragrant 4" orchid flowers with purple eye, extended bloom.