ARUNCUS (Goats Beard)

Aethusifloia: Ht. 10"- 12"

Most Goat’s Beard are large plants for the back of the border, but this is a dwarf species that fits right into the smaller garden scheme. It forms a low mound of light green, ferny foliage, bearing short spikes of creamy-white flowers in June, similar to Astilbe. Excellent for edging, or in the rock garden.









Dioicus: Ht. 36"- 48"

Spectacular in flower with its enormous creamy plumes the size of your head. Elegant lacy leaves form a very dense and bushy clump. This plant demands space. It is somewhat inclined to sulk in hot summer areas, so plant in a moist, peaty soil, or even at the waterside.. An excellent companion to summer-blooming shrub roses. Good for cutting, the flowers may also be dried by hanging upside down in a warm, dark room.