Dolgo: Ht. 35'- 40'

Single white fragrant 2” flowers, large brilliant crimson 1½” fruit that ripens in late summer, wonderful for jelly.









 Indian Summer: Ht. 15'- 20'

Rose red, broad globe, bright red ¾” fruit, excellent disease resistance, also excellent pollinator for Honey Crisp Apple.








 Kelsey: Ht. 15'- 18'

Pink, upright rounded, 1” double pink flowers, purple 4/5” fruit, bronze-green foliage aging to green.










 Pink Spires: Ht. 15'- 20'

Pink, narrow upright, foliage is red-purplish in spring, then turns to green-bronze summer and copper in fall, ideal for a confined screen or border planting









 Radiant: Ht. 12'- 20'

Deep Pink, compact symmetrical, persistent ½” bright red fruit, red-purple foliage when young aging to green.










 Red Splendor: Ht. 20'- 25'

Pink, open upright spreading, small bright red fruit that never falls, foliage is glossy reddish green turning purple in fall.








 Royalty: Ht. 18'- 20'

Dark Red, upright rounded, bright purplish foliage with varnished appearance and nice purple fall color, dark red fruit.









Spring Snow: Ht. 25'- 30'

Rounded pink buds open to fragrant white flowers, fruitless.














 Snowdrift: Ht. 18'- 20'

White, uniform symmetrical, single pink buds open to white flowers, persistent orange-red fruit, hardy and low maintenance.








 Thunder Child: Ht. 15'- 20'

Pink, upright spreading, deep purple leaves, dark red ½” fruit, resistant to fire blight.