Bees Jubilee: Ht. 6'-10'

Mauve-pink flowers with deep red bar, blooms May-June & September.









 Morning Mist: Ht. 8'-10'

Soft pink flowers, free flowering blooms May-June-August-September.









Pink Champagne: Ht. 7'- 9'

Deep rosy pink flowers with lighter centers, free flowering, blooms May-June and September. 










President: Ht. 8'-10'

Deep purple flowers, continuous bloomer June-July-August-September.












Venosa Violacea: Ht. 8'-12'



Deep velvety flowers and prominent white bar.













Veronica's Choice: Ht. 8'-10'

Large 6" double lavender to near white flowers.













Wildfire: Ht. 8'-10'

Huge 6"-8" saturated magenta to violet purple flowers with reddish purple bar.