Frizelliae: Ht. 12"- 14"

This interesting selection forms a medium-sized clump with leaves congested into bead-like balls along the stems. Open and delicate in effect. Plants prefer a woodland setting, but will tolerate sun if given enough moisture. An easy fern, with a non-spreading habit. 








 Lady in Red: Ht. 24"- 30"

This Japanese species is a nice selection for edging in the woodland or shady rock garden. Plants form a clump of arching triangular leaves, at first pale green with maroon stems, then changing to grey-green. Well behaved and non-spreading. Adapts well to containers. 









 Maiden Hair: Ht. 12"- 15"

Maidenhair fern has a delicate appearance, forming a medium sized mound of arching black-stemmed fronds with light green leaflets arranged in a wide fan. Excellent foliage for using in cut flower arrangements.








Red Beauty: Ht. 14"- 18"

This selected form of Japanese Painted Fern has arching triangular leaves of metallic pewter-grey, with contrasting stems and veins of burgundy red. Forms a low to medium-sized mound that looks particularly good edging a woodland walkway, in shady borders or even in containers. Deciduous. Strong red colour is best on mature plants.






 Victoriae: Ht. 24"- 30"

An interesting hybrid fern, this forms an upright arching mound of triangular leaves with a lacy appearance and a unique grey-green colour. The tips of each leaflet are forked or crested. Excellent as a specimen, especially for contrasting with bold-leaved plants such as Hosta.