JUNIPERS (Spreading)

 Andorra: Ht. 18"

Compact low growing, light green foliage in summer turning plum in fall & winter 









 Arcadia: Ht. 12"- 18"

Rich green foliage with a lacy texture, likes fully exposed locations








 Blueberry Delight: Ht. 1'

Dense low spreading, rich dark green needles with a silvery blue line









 Blue Forest: Ht. 12"

Dense, has ascending branches that for a miniature blue forest









 Blue Star: Ht. 2'

Mounded, bright steel-blue foliage, slow growing








 Buffalo: Ht. 12"- 15"

Bright green foliage, soft feathery branches, salt tolerant








 Grey Owl: Ht. 3'- 4'

Great for poor, hot, dry soils and city conditions, smoky blue-grey foliage, produces silvery berries often used for winter decorations







 Hughes: Ht. 15"

Low growing, silvery-blue foliage








 Savin: Ht. 3'- 6'

Upright-compact, dark green foliage








 Seagreen: Ht. 4'- 6'

Graceful arching branches, mint green foliage